Relief for Radiology Departments across Tornado Stricken States

We at Chamco, Inc are offering X-Ray Cassette Covers, The Charlie Bag, at a 15% discount to states that have been ravaged by tornadoes in April 2011.

You can receive your discounted rate by calling 1800-785-7500 or emailing us at  When you contact us give us your special code “relief” and you will receive your 15% discount.

We wish the best for all of those striving to recover from these terrible storms.

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Why Are X-Ray Cassette Covers So Important

The Charlie Bag disposable X-Ray cassette cover is a 4 mil, sealable bag which insures that no body fluids will get into the X-Ray cassette and become a harbor for germs.

Trapped blood and body fluids also damage the cassette causing you to replace x-ray cassettes more often than needed.  The Charlie Bag offers protection to patients and workers against MRSA and other Hospital Associated Infections which are found on X-Ray cassettes.

One of our major goals is to help stop MRSA, keep your equipment and workers safe.

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